Name: Donald & Donavon Hill  (#9 & #12)

Grade: 8th

Position: Forwards

Report: Athletics post players that can run the floor, play with their backs to the basket, shoot from outside, rebound, block shots and so much more!  The most interesting thing with these two is that they have yet to tap their full potential and abilities, the sky is the limit for them if they keep working hard.


Name: Rylan Mclaurin  (#1)

Grade: 8th

Position: Point Guard

Report: Another little lefty that has a pass first mentality and the ability to push the ball and make good decisions in transition.  Rylan is a total "thief" on defense and is getting better as a scorer when needed each game.

Name: Harrison Barnes  (#2)

Grade: 9th

Position: Combo Guard

Report: Barnes too is a lefty with the biggest upside I've seen in a kid in years. Barnes is a aggressive player on both ends of the court and has promising moments when he finishes around the basket. Harrison is the most versatile player on the roster with the ability to play 4 of the 5 positions on the floor.



Name: Caleb McReed  (#14)

Grade: 8th

Position: Small Forward

Report: McReed's long arms and athleticism adds to his defensive tenacity, he's usually matched up against the other team's best offensive player with a goal to lock them down.  He's also capable of being a slasher on the offensive end and can stroke the open jump shot when needed.



Name: John Heath  (#7)

Grade: 8th

Position: Combo Guard

Report: Heath is a shooter and when hot he can sink baskets from the 3 point arc with ease!  He is making strides to become a better defensive player and also has the ability to play at the point.


























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